Ads by Google: Login is very easy to do. You should only enter and see that you will be directed to Outlook, you can login here. Login Login.- The revamped version of Hotmail is Outlook. Right. Hotmail was renewed and presents u new name: Outlook. But the name and colors renewed. Outlook now offers an incredible array of new options. These include the ability to add to our contacts from other accounts, such as Gmail or Facebook. With this, we can regroup all around us in one place.

Login Hotmail Login happened now to be Login Outlook.
Hotmail still appears in the portable versions that have not yet renewed, but soon will.
If you were a fan of Hotmail, we tell you that you can not login Hotmail, but you’ll do it in Outlook.

Like all change, but was not accepted at first. Hotmail offered voluntarily go to his new post, while very little acceptance. Until finally, moved all their Hotmail accounts to Outlook.

Anyway, do not have to worry about those who want to login Hotmail because your mail has the extension “@​” as alike can log into Outlook.

We hope the information you have served and to any problems you may have about how to login Hotmail, please contact us to help you.

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